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Best Supplements for Cracking Joints: Tips for Healthy Knee

Best Supplements for Cracking Joints: Tips for Healthy Knee

Have you ever felt your knee cracks like the popcorn jumping in the microwave? Knee cracking is common and can happen for various reasons.

Sometimes, you just need to take a little rest to relieve the symptoms, but sometimes, you may need the best supplements for cracking joints.

These supplements are especially useful for alleviating joint pain and improving joint and bone health. Scroll down to discover 10 helpful supplements for joint cracking!

What Is Joint Pain (Osteoarthritis)?

Any discomfort that affects one or more joints in the body, such as the hip joint where the thigh bone and pelvis connect, is referred to as joint pain. It can be constant or intermittent and cause stiff, achy, or sore feelings.

Severe joints can limit fundamental actions, impact joint function, and affect quality of life. The most common cause of joint pain is osteoarthritis. It's when the protective cushions between bones (also known as cartilage) wear and tear due to aging. It can damage joints, mostly in the knees, hips, spine, and hands.

People with osteoarthritis often feel stiffness and pain in the joints. The disorder usually develops gradually and happens after the age of 45.

What Is Joint Pain (Osteoarthritis)?

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What Causes Knee Cracking / Knee Crepitus?

Knee cracking or knee crepitus is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. But what causes this issue? Here are some common reasons:

  • Arthritis/Osteoarthritis: The first and probably the most noticeable condition that comes to the mind of anyone experiencing knee crepitus is arthritis. Wear and tear is said to be the cause of the cartilage breakdown. This disorder particularly involves the knee joint and other accessory joints and may lead to pains, swellings, cracking.
  • Gas Bubbles: Within the soft tissues or the joints there may be the presence of bubbles of gas or air referring to synovial fluid bubbles. When bent or stretched, these bubbles burst with a cracking sound. It is usually painless for people in this regard.
  • Patellofemoral Instability: This disorder, also known as runner's knee, is caused by a situation where there is more pressure between the femur and kneecap and this makes the cartilage become softer and the kneecaps crack. It is more frequently seen in women and can be brought on by aging, birth, or injury.
  • Ligaments and Tendons: Cracking occasionally is normal and happens when the ligaments or tendons rice over a bony area producing slightly straining sound.
  • Surgery: 18% of people who undergo knee replacement surgery get knee crepitus. Inability or delay in the formation of the fit of the knee joint, changes in the design of the knee joint, or the development of arthrofibrosis are among the causes. However, this condition does not affect the quality of the patient's life.
  • Torn Cartilage: Aged wear and tear and injury from playing sports or having accidents can lead to torn cartilage. It's also a sign of a torn meniscus.

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Cracking Knees

Below is a list of the best supplements for cracking joints to help you regain your knee strength and flexibility:

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Cracking Knees

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1. Vitamin D

The first supplement for cracking joints that is easily recognizable by almost anyone is vitamin D; it is involved in maintaining bone and joints health since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and relieves joint pains.

It regulates calcium which is good for bones. Some of the effects related to vitamin D deficiency include fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, bone pain, muscular discomfort, and low mood. Thus, you should keep the level of vitamin D optimal at all times.

The main natural source of vitamin D is sunshine. However staying for long in the sun has adverse effects on the skin. Consequently, it is possible to get this vitamin from a number of good sources including oily fish, beef liver, egg yolk, milk and other products having added vitamins and minerals and mushrooms. It is recommended that 15 mg per day be taken in order to achieve the best results.

Incorporate supplements if there is a lack of, or deficiency in food. It is best to consult with a doctor to determine what type and amount of supplement is best for your body.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best supplements for cracking joints, cell damage, and inflammation. Thus, Vitamin C is the most effective supplement for cracking joints, cell damage and inflammation. They can be consumed in their raw state from fruits like oranges, lemons, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, bell peppers, and broccoli among others.

Other than that, supplements can also be taken when it is almost impossible to get the recommended portions of vitamin C from the meals and snacks that one consumes. The vitamin offers many benefits for knee crepitus and general bone health, including:

  • Collagen production: Thus, collagen is a significant protein in the bone tissue. It has a positive effect on bone growth and density, as well as on the maintenance of body joints’ and other tissue’s flexibility and health . It’s also established that vitamin C is the agent that produces collagen.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Taking vitamin C is good for the reduction of inflammation meaning that people who use this vitamin will be relieved of joint pains and will not experience knee cracking or crepitus.
  • Decreased osteoporosis risk: Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by the low bone mass which in result can cause fractures. An analysis of conducted studies established that increased intake of vitamin C may decrease the percentage of osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Increased calcium absorption: Calcium is also regulated by Vitamin C thus having an importance in the development of bones. Thus, vitamin C and a sufficient amount of calcium are beneficial for bone health.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E deserves a spot on the list of the best supplements for cracking joints. Many studies show Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can slow down the progression of osteoarthritis. It's a vital element in the disease.

Research has indicated that it can lessen discomfort and increase range of motion. Because vitamin E makes joints more flexible and strong, it helps the body shield cartilage from damage.

Additionally, this vitamin aids in reducing knee swelling and inflammation and supports new cartilage cell growth.

4. Vitamin K

Vitamin K, especially K2, functions as a partner of calcium in dealing with cracking joints. Reducing the prostaglandin E2 content in the bone may decrease bone resorption, and the activation of osteocalcin which is a VKDP of the osteoblasts is another possibility.

Further, it increases the levels of collagen depositions in the bones because collagen is important for bone to be elastic and flexible. Hence, K2 may reduce joint pain, inflammation, and calcification of the articular cartilage of patients suffering from arthritis.

4. Vitamin K

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5. Glucosamine

Amongst the usual supplements for joints cracking are glucosamine. It is naturally produced by our body and is required to build and maintain cartilages.

Glucosamine can be acquired from other natural foods like; bones, tomatoes, fish, non-cattle meats like beef, pork, and ham, almonds, beans, wheat, yeast, fungus, and others. You can also get glucosamine in liquid form, or in capsule or pill form.

Glucosamine can:

  • Reduces joint discomfort and pain: The results of scientific studies indicate the effect of glucosamine’s capability to lessen the stiffness and joint pain in knee crepitus and other related disorders.
  • Reduces inflammation: Glucosamine has anti-inflammatory properties that allow for the decrease in the size of inflammation in joints and at the same time promote joint health.
  • Slows down cartilage breakdown: Wear and tear resulting from aging might also be a cause of joint complications in the body since cartilage degenerates naturally with age. Subsequently, it has been revealed that glucosamine reduces the rate of this process thus preserving joint health and reducing the likelihood of knee crepitus and other joint complications.
  • Modulates bone metabolism: Based on the current findings it has been concluded that glucosamine possesses the ability to influence bone metabolism and promote formation of healthy bone.

6. Chondroitin

Osteoarthritis frequently causes knee crepitus, which can be lessened by using chondroitin. Chondroitin presents naturally in bone and cartilage. For many years, chondroitin extracted from animals like cows and sharks has been used as a dietary supplement to treat osteoarthritis and maintain healthy joints.

Chondroitin is one of the best supplements for cracking joints since it:

  • Reduces the severity of knee crepitus by preventing additional damage to the cartilage in your joints.
  • Alleviates joint inflammation, thus decreasing the risk of osteoarthritis-related pain and stiffness.
  • Benefits your bone health. Chondroitin may assist postmenopausal women in avoiding bone fractures by increasing bone density.

Before consuming chondroitin supplements, remember to consult with your doctor for proper products.

7. Omega-3

Omega-3 is a well-known supplement for cracking joints. It helps:

  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness: Its anti-inflammatory properties allow your joint to maintain good health by eliminating chronic inflammation.
  • Enhance bone mineral density: Omega-3 fatty acids can lower the rate of osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density.
  • Decrease cartilage loss: Another prevalent issue in diseases like osteoarthritis is cartilage loss. However, omega-3s may help prevent it.

Omega-3 is an excellent source of protein in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna. It's also available in plant-based sources, including nuts, chia seeds, and flaxseed.

7. Omega-3

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Another way to consume omega-3 is through supplements. OMEGA | NATURAL DHA/EPA FISH OIL from STAAR LABS is a high-quality soft gel made from reliable sources. Each contains 1000 mg of fish oil, with a balanced ratio of 400 mg EPA and 300mg DHA, providing the ideal dosage for consuming essential fatty acids. It is recommended to consume 250-500 mg of DHA daily for good health.

8. Green Tea

There are various reasons why green tea has become one of the best supplements for cracking joints. They include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Polyphenols and catechins, two substances found in green tea, have strong anti-inflammatory properties. These substances have the ability to minimize inflammation that frequently results in stiffness and discomfort in the joints.
  • Antioxidant properties: Green tea also has a lot of antioxidants, which are vital for shielding the body's cells from the damage that dangerous chemicals called free radicals may do. Antioxidants are essential for keeping joints healthy because they slow down the deterioration of cartilage.
  • EGCG: Many studies have shown the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), one of the main ingredients in green tea. EGCG may be especially useful for lowering inflammation and discomfort in the joints.
  • Benefits for bone health: Studies have indicated that the polyphenols in green tea enhance bone mineral density, which is necessary for healthy bones and the prevention of diseases like osteoporosis.

A safe, all-natural way to help with joint health and joint crepitus is to drink green tea. But green tea supplements are also useful since they offer larger concentrations of the healthful compounds present in green tea.

8. Green Tea

EG3G | NATURAL GREEN TEA EXTRACT CAPSULES 500mg is a highlight product of STAAR LABS to help alleviate joint crepitus and promote joint health. Besides, by taking this supplement, you can lose weight healthily, boost your metabolism, and maintain a good health condition.

9. Turmeric or curcumin longa

Curcumin, an anti-inflammatory substance found in turmeric, is a spice used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine that may help lessen the inflammation and symptoms associated with arthritis.

Curcumin and Curcuma longa extracts improved function and reduced joint discomfort and stiffness in osteoarthritis in a way comparable to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs). Curcumin's effects were more remarkable when used in conjunction with NSAIDs than when used alone.

10. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

The last supplement for cracking joints on our list is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). A naturally occurring sulfur compound, MSM can enhance bone and joint health by lowering oxidative stress and inflammation.

Studies have shown that taking an MSM supplement can help people with osteoarthritis move more freely and experience less knee discomfort. It can also help patients strengthen their bones. In one study, postmenopausal women who received MSM pills had higher bone density than placebos.

MSM is typically safe when used at prescribed levels, while some adverse effects are possible. It is not a stand-alone course of therapy, so you should contact a qualified healthcare provider for consultation.

10. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

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Tips for Healthy Knees

Now you know the best supplements for cracking joints to improve your knee condition. However, there are several ways together with that to keep your knees healthy and enjoy life to the fullest, including:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight can put pressure on your knees, causing discomfort and pain. Thus, staying in shape and maintaining proper weight will keep your knees healthy and functional.
  • Stay active: You can improve the around knee muscles and joint flexibility by conducting daily physical activity. Recommended knee exercises include walking, cycling, and swimming.
  • Pay attention to pain: Once you spot the pain on your knees, don't ignore it. Take a rest and observe if the pain persists. Ask a doctor for help if you still feel it.
  • Muscle strengthening: Muscles around the knees support the joint and prevent injuries. Thus, if you do some exercises to strengthen these muscles, such as lunges, squats, and leg presses, you'll have healthy knees.
  • Improve posture: Improper posture can hurt your knees. Remember to sit and stand with a straight back and feet flat on the ground so that you'll not put extra pressure on the knees. Also, try not to cross your legs while sitting.
  • Healthy diet: Nutrient deficiency can affect bones and joints. Thus, ensure you have a balanced diet with lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and food high in calcium and vitamin D.
  • Treat injuries promptly: Again, don't ignore your pain. If you get knee injuries, seek help from the doctor immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Wear comfortable footwear: Don't put extra pressure on your knees by wearing comfortable shoes with cushioning and support. Shoes with pointed toes or high heels can be a potential reason for your unfavorable knee health.

When to See a Doctor About Joint Pain

The answer is as soon as possible. Early evaluation, identification of the causes, and proper treatment can prevent further damage and help the knees recover faster.

Improve Your Pain with STAAR LABS!

The list of the best supplements for cracking joints above can help you manage joint pain and support your healthy joints and bones. They are your ticket to a smoother and quieter stride, keeping you moving with ease and confidence.

STAAR LABS offers various useful products for your joints, bones, and overall health. Visit our website to discover bone & joint supplements for your needs and start your healthy joint journey!

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