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Does HCG Work for Men? 6 Key Benefits Of HCG for Men's Health

Does HCG Work for Men? 6 Key Benefits Of HCG for Men's Health

HCG is a hormone typically associated with women. However, sometimes, you may see healthcare professionals prescribe HCG for males. So, does HCG work for men

Not only women but men also need HCG for their reproductive and overall health. But most of them don’t know it. This article will provide you with an answer with a detailed explanation so that you can understand more about this hormone. Let's scroll down for more!

What is HCG?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that boosts pregnancy chances, produces testosterone and sperm, and cures cryptorchidism.

HCG is a hormone that the placenta secretes while a woman is pregnant. It’s responsible for preserving other hormones, including progesterone, to support pregnancy. HCG also helps women ovulate more often and men produce more sperm in fertility treatments. Plus, HCG and a low-calorie diet are sometimes combined to help people lose weight.

What is HCG?

Does HCG Work for Men?

Yes. HCG is used to preserve fertility and raise testosterone levels in males. It is FDA-approved and can be taken alone or in combination with other testosterone medications.

6 Benefits Of HCG For Men's Health

HCG aids testosterone and sperm production in men and adolescent boys and is also used in male children with cryptorchidism, a testis birth problem. Besides, it can be used for other purposes.  Let's find out!

1. Improved fertility

Doctors give HCG to cure the symptoms of hypogonadism in males, including low testosterone levels and infertility. The body can produce more sperm and testosterone with the use of hCG, improving fertility.

2. The testes' recovery

According to Chonnam Med J., it's stated that all males following hCG treatment achieved normal serum testosterone levels. The treatment raised the testicular capacity from 5.5 mL (pretreatment) to 10.8 mL (maximum). So, does HCG work for men? Yes, in this case, it helps recover the testes.

3. Increased libido

Testosterone deficiency means the testosterone blood level is less than 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Together with that, there are some low testosterone symptoms, including a low sex drive.

The American Urological Association recommends hCG for MAABs who are lacking in testosterone and wish to enhance their libido. Although testosterone products can raise hormone levels, they can also have unfavorable effects like infertility and gonad shrinkage. Conversely, HCG can support increased testosterone production, gonad growth, and fertility. Thus, doctors usually suggest using hCG alongside testosterone to reduce low testosterone symptoms and prevent side effects.

6 Benefits Of HCG For Men's Health

4. Losing weight

HCG is a weight loss strategy that releases stored fat into the bloodstream. This process not only helps the body burn fat but also provides energy. The hormone also reduces hunger, making it easier to maintain a low-calorie diet. Many people consuming HCG also report increased energy levels and healthier appetites. The HCG diet is second to none and can significantly improve overall health and well-being.

5. Enhanced physical abilities

Does HCG work for men? Yes, it can improve the physical abilities of males.

Although the main purpose of hCG is to treat infertility in both men and women, it can also enhance physical abilities. Using anabolic steroids can cause adverse effects on natural testosterone production. Therefore, some bodybuilders and athletes also consume HCG to minimize it. HCG stimulates testosterone production, thus increasing muscle strength and recovery.

6. Higher than normal testosterone levels

LH, produced by the pituitary gland, stimulates the testes' Leydig cells to produce testosterone. HCG acts similarly to the body's luteinizing hormone (LH). It is the way HCG affects testosterone levels.

When administered, hCG binds to the same receptors in the testes as LH, stimulating testosterone production. This impact is especially important in circumstances where the body may not produce as much testosterone naturally, including during and after anabolic steroid usage or hypogonadism.

What Side Effects You Should Notice While Receiving This Medication?

Though HCG can raise testosterone levels, using it may carry some side effects, including:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Acne
  • Facial hair growth
  • Allergic symptoms such as rash or itching

If you are allergic to the drug's ingredients, you can use alternative therapies, such as HCG supplement for men from STAAR LABS. It is a powerful natural supplement designed to enhance male health by maintaining hormonal balance and supporting testicular growth. It contains five essential ingredients selected for their ability to promote testicular health and general well-being, like Maca Root, Asian Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, and Zinc Oxide. HCG supplements will boost muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve sexual drive and performance. Additionally, it strengthens the body's resistance to stress and enhances blood circulation.

What Side Effects You Should Notice While Receiving This Medication?

It is ideal for those dealing with low testosterone, including those undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. For optimal results, it is recommended to take HCG in the morning, and users typically see effects within 30 to 90 days. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen to ensure safety and effectiveness.

How to Use HCG the Right Way?

Does HCG work for men? Now you know it enhances men's several aspects. But what's the correct way to use it?

You'd better take HCG in the morning for maximum results. It will start working after 30 days of consumption, and the best outcomes often can be seen after up to 90 days. However, you can use it as long as your body needs to improve muscle and libido and reduce body fat.

Reach to the Peak with STAAR LAB's HCG

So, does HCG work for men? It does have certain effects, such as enhancing fertility, repairing testes, increasing sexual desire, evaluating testosterone levels, improving physical abilities, and losing weight.

Visit STAAR LABS for more reproductive support products!


HCG does have a certain positive influence on men's health. Here are some common questions you may want to know before using HCG for your body.

1. What does HCG for Men Supplement contain?

HCG contains maca root, tongkat ali, Asian ginseng, siberian ginseng and zinc oxide. These ingredients work to improve men's health, including increased sperm production and quality, boosted testosterone and prolactin levels, and enhanced blood flow.

2. How does HCG work to increase testosterone?

Flavonoids and alkaloids found in tongkat ali function as antioxidants, boosting testosterone levels. Zinc Oxide in HCG also aids the production of key sex hormones, including testosterone.

3. Can HCG be used for weight loss?

Yes. HCG offers rapid weight loss in stubbornly fat-storing areas. Plus, it provides other significant benefits, such as decreased appetite and increased energy levels.

4. What does the research say?

Researchers are dedicated to creating products based on the science of HCG. Our special combination of components, including vital vitamins and minerals, is intended for men with low testosterone levels and those undergoing testosterone replacement treatment.

5. How long does it take to get results from HCG for Men?

HCG starts working after 1 month of use. However, the best results often appear after 3 months.

6. Is HCG safe for my health?

Yes. Despite being a hormone that women create when they are pregnant, HCG is safe for men to consume. In fact, it's frequently recommended as a medication to help testosterone levels recover.

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